International Sculptor Steve Petruzates







 I have been doing sculpture professionally since 1987.  My educational background is in Industrial Design, I loved it but could not see myself as an “office type” and made the decision to pursue a more figurative path using my hands and the creativity of my mind.


 I have always had an urge to work in the film industry doing special effects, so I moved to Los Angeles California to do just that.  It started out a little tough to break into, so I took on a sand sculpting gig which took me all over the USA sculpting sand in malls.  In between sand sculpting,  I built sets for commercials and rock videos.  I enjoyed this work but wanted more and soon I found myself doing miniatures and special effects on many major films.


 During this time I met a film sculptor who became my mentor and taught me the incredible world of film sculpting.  I knew from that moment on what I wanted to do and I had the opportunity to work on films such as:  Terminator 2, True Lies, Cone Heads, The Guardian, Stargate, etc., and most recently Man of Steel.


 After many films I chose to pursue permanent sculpture work in the themed construction industry.  I found myself traveling the world working on epic projects including The Lost City of South Africa and The Atlantis in the Bahamas.


 Today my work can be seen all over the globe in such places as museums, zoos, casino's, theme parks, and many other places.


 Everyday I strive to become better.  Nature is and always will be my biggest inspiration.